Nominierung für den Obermayer Award 2021

LIebe Muna Freunde,

unsere liebe Roslyn Eldar ( Tochter und Nichte von Muna Überlebenden ) hat Erdwig Kramer und den Arbeitskreis für den Obermayer Award 2021 vorgeschlagen.
Leider wurden wir nicht ausgewählt , haben aber folgendes Schreiben erhalten:
Näheres zum Obermayer Award und bisher ausgezeichneten Personen hier:
Hartmut Oberstech

Dear Roslyn Eldar,

Thank you for nominating 
Erdwig Kramer & the Arbeitskreis Muna Lübberstedt e.V. for the Obermayer Awards. We have finished the selection process, and had great difficulty deciding among many exceptional candidates. This year was the most competitive year we’ve ever had for the Obermayer Awards. We received the largest number of applications ever, and the quality of the candidates was the highest we’ve ever seen.Unfortunately Mr. Kramer was not selected for the award.

The jury that made the decisions consisted of Sara Nachama (Berlin), Joel Obermayer (Boston, MA), Cristina Finch (Geneva), Anetta Kahane (Berlin), Hanno Loewy (Hohenems, Austria), Frank Mecklenburg (New York), Hank Obermayer (Oakland, CA), Patrick Siegele (Berlin), and Ralf Wieland (Berlin).

Although Mr. Kramer was not selected for the award, we were impressed by his work and applaud his efforts to preserve and breathe new life into Jewish history and use lessons of history to foster understanding among different groups. Please note that we do not notify candidates of this decision directly, but rather share the decision with you, the nominators.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate Erdwig Kramer & the Arbeitskreis Muna Lübberstedt e.V., and for providing supplemental materials for the jury to consider. There is no doubt that this initiative is an outstanding example of a group that has contributed to this critical field of work in a profound way.  


Sara Nachama

President of the Jury


Rebecca Richards-Kramer (

Program and Operations Manager


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